#16 March 31, 2023

Greetings Compatriots,

Many changes have been made to the 250th Anniversary Program website in the last couple of months. 


Our New Education Library 

I need a program for our chapter meeting coming up.

I have a 15 min. presentation I need to make to the local Lion’s Club.

What am I going to present to the students 

at our local 5th and 8thgrade classes?

If these sound familiar, panic no more. We’ve got your back.

The America 250 SAR Programs Committee has been working on this and are now opening our new Education Library. The website can be reached at: www.america250sar.org

The first section to open is the SAR Programs Library. The SAR Programs Library can be reached at: https://america250sar.org/library

Click on the SAR Card. In this section, all in one place, easy for you to download and use are:

  • 184 Programs on the Revolutionary War.
    In the Video Section are 224 videos, podcasts, and YouTube videos from one-minute pieces to longer pieces from PBS, and National Parks to the full 12 hour History Channel Series.
    Want to see what is available in other websites? We have in one click, access to 173 website programs that you can use from the SAR, DAR, PBS, History Channel and the Museum of the American Revolution.

And so much more, this site will be constantly updated so check in often if you need a 250th Anniversary program or a single page broadsheet you can print out at home and handout to the public.

All in one location.

Coming Soon!
Our New Educational Section geared for School Teachers.

Hundreds of Class lesson plans,
videos and web site connections
for grades 5 thru 12.

All in One Place.

To be added to the email list: mlt@america250sar.org

This is a reproduction of the update email sent and originally signed by 

J. Howard Fisk JHFisk@america250sar.org