#12 August 5, 2022

Greetings Compatriots,

Thank you for checking in to see how things are going with our Anniversary Program Planning Group. Please share this information with everyone you know by forwarding the update to members on your mailing list and encourage others to sign up for our Program Updates.

Please review the letter from President General Bruce Pickette laying out his plan of action for 2022-2023. The letter is at the beginning of the new updated Toolkit and is the most important addition to this Program Update. Please take this letter to heart and organize your SAR State and Chapter calendar to accomplish public exposure that represents the SAR in the highest and best manner.

 This Program Update#12 introduces a redesigned and more fully functional website including a Toolkit of over 170 pages. 

 ·       We offer several new features supporting the SAR Color Guard, Eagle Scouting, and new conservation programs.

 ·       A very important addition to the new America 250 SAR PowerPoint presentation. This is 15-minute-long presentation that includes a script. This provides a media tool that you can download and utilize to make presentations throughout your community. Take what we have and rewrite it to meet your specific needs and audience if you want or use it and the script as is. Make the most of this opportunity to share the Mission of the SAR and our commitment to honor our Patriot Ancestors as we celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The YouTube and Podcast versions are in the works and will be available soon.

 ·       A new feature of the 250th Program page is the addition of the link to the SAR Color Guard Handbook and a simpler handbook provided by Missouri Color Guard Commander Steve Perkins. It is intended for use by any SAR Chapter who would like to step up their public profile using their Color Guard at local and regional events. 

As you conduct 250th Anniversary events it is important to record the participation of Color Guard members so that they have the proper records to earn appropriate recognition for their efforts on behalf of the Sons of the American Revolution.


A List of 250th Anniversary Gold Medals Recipient States

 As of July 10, 2022, we have approved 135, 250th Anniversary Gold Medal Applications. The top three states in number of approved applications are as follows: North Carolina – 20, Missouri – 18, Washington – 16.

We have also approved 250th Anniversary Gold Medal Applications for the following states:


Tennessee 13, Ohio 11, Indiana 7, Oregon 1, Montana 2, California 7, Kansas 12, Wisconsin 4, Arizona 2, Delaware 1, Georgia 4, Michigan 4, Kentucky 5,West Virginia 3, Iowa 1 ,Virginia 1, Oklahoma 1, Pennsylvania 1.

·      We are assigning each SAR State President and country an America250sar.org email address. Compatriot Tieman will set up your email and establish an initial password for you. He will contact you by email to set it up. The email he will be contacting with is: mlt@america250sar.org

Please send stories and photos of your programs so that we might share them with our Compatriots across America and find more and better ways to celebrate our 250th Anniversary.   

Be sure to add all your SAR Chapter and State Compatriots to our mailing list so that they can receive our Program Updates.

Updated Color Guard Tab

Here are some examples of Color Guard Programs from some of our SAR Chapters. Your chapter can have these events as well, just click on the download buttons for more information on how to set up a Color Guard Program.



This is a reproduction of the update email sent and originally signed by 

J. Howard Fisk JHFisk@america250sar.org