2014 Field of Honor Photos

Photos from the 2014 Field of Honor event have been added to the Color Guard Photo Gallery.

On Friday May 16th, CASSAR Color Guardsmen from Harbor Chapter (Karl Jacobs), Orange County Chapter (Dan Shippey, Dan Henry, Jim Blauer & Jim Fosdyck), Riverside Chapter (Charlie Gentis) and General George Patton, Jr. Chapter (Robert Taylor) participated in the program. The CASSAR Color Guard presented the Colors in front of a crowd of more than 200 preschool, elementary and middle school students, their teachers, Field of Honor staff and park guests. Dan Shippey (General George Washington) was popular with the students. Future Lee’s Legion Color Guardsman Jim Klingler joined us as a spectator.

Un Hui Yi set up a display of common items of the era; tin cups, padlock, compass, magnifying glass, currency and coins, fire starting materials (flint, steel striker & charred cloth), children’s’ toys (dolls, top and a cup and ball toss) and a fife.

Dan Shippey’s daughters Sloane and Blythe manned the recruitment/information table. They also accepted the duty of educating students by demonstrating toys and other items of the Revolutionary War era.

Saturday the CASSAR was represented by color guardsmen and ladies from four chapters; Riverside Chapter (Charlie Gentis, Mark Kramer, Gary Jensen & Christopher Keene), Harbor (Karl Jacobs), Orange County (Dan & Karen McKelvie, Jim Fosdyck & Un Hui Yi) and Silicon Valley (Richard, Spencer & Linda Knock). The CASSAR Color Guardsmen formed a color guard and firing party. The firing party was comprised of the Riverside Chapter Color Guardsmen.

Karen, Linda and Un Hui wore Colonial Era attire. Karen McKelvie manned the recruitment/information table on Saturday.