Ladies Auxilliary

The Ladies Auxiliary of the California Society, Sons of the American Revolution has raised thousands of dollars to help the California Society in carrying out its mission of inspiring patriotism and informing others of the contributions of our revolutionary ancestors.

According to the Bylaws of the Ladies Auxiliary, membership in the Auxiliary is open to women who are related by marriage or bloodline to members of the Sons of the American Revolution who are in good standing.

The ladies can attend the annual CASSAR Spring Meetings and the Fall Board of Managers meetings with their spouses. The Ladies Auxiliary usually has speakers or other programs of interest for the ladies. The ladies are also invited to attend the annual National Congress with their spouse; this event is held during the summer throughout the country in major cities. Upcoming Congresses include Texas (2018), Southern California (2019), Virginia (2020) and Seattle (2021). Special events are also planned at the Congresses for the ladies.

The current dues are $25 per year, which covers the newsletter, program support and operating expenses. If you are interested in joining the Ladies Auxiliary, you can find the membership brochure at or contact us directly at or via US Mail at LACASSAR, 2628 Shadow Lake, Santa Ana, CA 92705-6980.

Pledge to the NLASAR: We, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Sons of the American Revolution, carry the weight of tradition, the love of country, and liberty. We believe in the Constitution and recognize the sacrifices of our forefathers. We give our blessing of peace, liberty, and our devotion to the United States of America.

NLASAR Recessional: We shall be faithful and summon all citizens to walk in the way of our forefathers and to honor this great nation. We go with peace of heart and the safety of God’s blessing.

Officers 2018-2019

President: Mrs. Janet Brown
1st Vice President: Mrs Darian Taylor
2nd Vice President: Mrs. Karen Carlson
Secretary: Conni Barker
Treasurer: Karen Dodd
Registrar: Diane Stephens
Historian: Karen McKelvie
Chaplain: Lisa Gregory
Parliamentarian: Karen Dodd