California Society Officers

James Klingler

Executive Vice President
Donald B. Littlefield

Vice President North
Randy Dhindsa

Vice President South
John Ferris

Vice President Membership
Scott Whitman

Christopher Cerillo

Kevin Bidenkap

Terry L. Briggs

Michael R. Hirman, Esq.

David Morrow

M. Scott Brooks

Rev. Scott Elliott

Dr. Matthew Bowdish, MD

Investment Fund Trustee (2021-2024)
John L. Dodd, Esq.

Investment Fund Trustee (2022-2025)
Dr. M. Kent Gregory

Investment Fund Trustee (2023-2026)
Stephen R. Renouf

Past President
D. Craig Anderson

National Trustee
James Klingler

Alternate National Trustee
Matthew Bowdish

Program Administrators

America 250 Committee Chairman 
John R Ferris

Assistant Secretary

Audit Committee Chairman
Donald B. Littlefield

Budget and Planning Committee Chairman 
Donald B. Littlefield

Bylaws Committee
Stephen R. Renouf
Michael R. Hirman, Esq.

California Compatriot Editor
Donald B. Littlefield

Children of the American Revolution Liaison – North
Randy Dhindsa

Children of the American Revolution Liaison – South
Ben Hobbins

Chapter Activities Committee Chairman 
Brandon Villardi

Chief of Protocol
Brandon Villardi

Color Guard Commander
Brandon Villardi

Color Guard Adjutant – North
Russ Kaiser

Color Guard Adjutant – South
Duncan Campbell

Compliance Committee Chairman
Michael Hirman, Esq.

Daughters of the American Revolution Liaison
Brian Stephens

Ethics Committee Chairman 
Rev. Scott Elliott

Flag Committee Co-Chairmen
John Ferris and Randy Dhindsa

Handbook Committee Chairman 
Derek Brown

Information Technology Committee Chairman 
Greg Hill

Medals and Awards Committee Chairman 
Glenn Martin

Media and Public Relations Committee Chairman 
David A. Gilliard

Meetings and Credentials Committee Chairman
Donald B. Littlefield

Membership Committee Chairman
Scott Whitman

Nominating Committee Chairman 
Brian Stephens

Operation Ancestor Search Chairman

Patriot Research System Coordinator
Terry Briggs

Public Service and Heroism Awards Chairman
Brian Stephens

Spanish Patriot Research Coordinator
Paul Garcia

Veterans Programs Chairman
Phil Mitchell

Wreaths Across America Committee Chairman
Phil Mitchell

Education & Youth Program Chairmen

Youth Activities Director
Dan McKelvie

Americanism Elementary School Poster Contest
David A. Gilliard

Middle School Brochure Contest
Danny Shurtz

Eagle Scout Program
Bill Nay

High School Oration Contest
Mark Torres

Knight Essay Contest
Patrick Cecil, Ph.D

Bill Nay

Brandon Villardi

Spirit of America Program
Bob Taylor

Valley Forge Program
Bob Taylor

List of elected officers reflects updates after the Spring 2023 Meeting of the Membership.

Committee Chairmen are updated as needed under the direction of the President.

If your email address is incorrect or missing, please contact the Webmaster to have your information updated. Thank you.