Knight Essay Contest

Chapter Resources

Chapter ResourcesThe following information is of value and use to the Knight Essay Program Chairman.  These are documents that can use useful in operating the program.  The documents are all in MS Word so they can tailored to meet the needs of a particular Chairman.

Forms designed to assist the CASSAR Knight Essay Chairman
In the era before the internet, communication among Chapters relied heavily on forms.

Form F0: Knight Essay FormsA description of Essay forms.

Origin: New for 2012.

F1: Chapter Intent to Participate 2012-13: This form was designed to have been handed out to each Chapter at the 2011 Spring Meeting – it intentionally was not – instead, it is recommended each Chapter be contacted to survey their interest. … This form can be e-mailed to the Chapter President  and used to collect and record the results of the survey responses, particularly who is the Chapter Essay Chairman / Contact

Origin: This form was not used in 2010 and most likely not used in 2009. It was used in 2008 and the history is that this form was a way of allowing Chapters to ‘Opt’ out of the program so they would not ever be contact regarding the program throughout the year. … Because more and more potential contestants now contact CASSAR through the web and we match them up with their local Chapter … in a sense, all CASSAR Chapters now participate.

F2: Chapter Report Form 2012-13: This is the coversheet for Chapters to submit their entries. It contains the basic information regarding how many High Schools participated.

Origin: This form was designed to have been the main communication document for Chapters in the era before Internet. By 2010, it was not required and so it was rarely used by Chapters.

F3: Chapter Information 2012-13: This is the key spreadsheet for the Chairman to maintain, the list of essay entrants. Look at the previous year, 2010-11 tab to see how it was used.

Origin: This form has evolved. In 2010-11 is expanded to collect the sort of information the Chairman can you to compile his final year end report.

F4: Scoring Sheet 2012-13: This form serves a couple of purposes. It is the score sheet that individual judges will use ‘Rubric’ tab and the Chairman’s final scoring sheet, ‘Scores’ tab.

Origin: This form has changed slightly from year to year. The essay titles of previous year 1210-11 are shown so you can see how it was used – these will to be replaced by the current entrants.

F5: Judge Letter 2012-13: The letter sent to each Essay Judge.

Origin: This form is only revised to identify the new Essay Chairman.

F6: Judging Preliminary Guidelines: The guide to the judges – Form F7 is another option

Origin: These instructions were created from the SAR guides years ago

F7: Prelim Checklist: The guide to the judges – an alternative to older Form F6

Origin: Created as self-administered checklist from SAR Guidelines

F8: Press Release: A template for a Press Release (optional)

F9: Report 2012-13: End of Year Report by Chairman for reimbursement

F10: SAR Contest Timetable – Essay: And extract of the Knight Essay milestones from comprehensive CASSAR & NSSAR Timetable

Origin: New for 2012

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