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Chapter ResourcesThe California Society Valley Forge Teacher Scholarship Award Program offers qualified teachers an outstanding opportunity for experiencing actual Revolutionary War and Colonial America sites, and learning from experts in their field the whys and wherefores that determined the future of America.  The intent of this program is for these teachers to then imbue their classroom instruction with what they have learned and, hopefully, create a spark within their students to learn and be guided by the foundational truths that established this country.

Chapters receiving applications or enquiries regarding this program should ensure the interested person is a 5th Grade Elementary School Teacher, 8th Grade or High School American History Teacher, either public, private or parochial, who are teaching the American Revolution in the classroom.  By all means, feel free to canvass the neighborhood for schools and school boards who have teachers unaware of this Program, talk to them and make presentations to educate them.  If publicized, this Program will garner interest in your area!

Teachers selected for this Program should be made aware that participation can be credited for training hours.  For information regarding this, teachers should go to the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge website at, or contact the FFVF by calling the Education Department at (610) 933-8825 ext. 292, or by emailing them at

Encourage each applicant to submit documentation that will support their qualification for this Program.  This would include letters of recommendation from their schools, school board or civic officials; resumes and references; teaching awards; newspaper or magazine articles; any document that would demonstrate the interest and activity of the applicant in teaching the American Revolution.

Each Chapter should be prepared to review the application package with the applicant, and assist them in filling out the CASSAR forms and preparing their package for submission.  Remember, time spent with them now may pay huge dividends later!

In the event of multiple applicants, each Chapter should make an evaluation of each application package and interview the applicants to determine the two most qualified to participate, with one identified as the primary selection and the other as an alternate.  The application package(s) should then be submitted to Bob Taylor, the Program Chairman, for the final selection.

It is recommended the Chapter selection process be completed by 1 April to ensure the selected application(s) is (are) received by the Program Chairman on or before 16 April.

Please consider that each teacher selected to participate in this Program has the potential to reach and influence thousands of students.  Who knows whether the teacher you select will influence the one student who has the ability to change the course of this nation in a positive way?  Only time will tell!

Should you wish to call me instead of using the email link, my telephone numbers are 805-289-9259 and 805-216-7992 (cell).

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